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Barlaston Car Scheme- WE ARE BACK! Posted on 21 Sep 2020



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BOOKINGS:  Rose Kingsbury tele 01782 373643
•	Passengers will be given a Visor to wear and must sit on the back seat.

•	Drivers wear masks.

•	Passengers are informed of the cost of the trip when their booking is confirmed. 

•	Money will be placed in a box on the back seat of the car.

New ‘Pick Up’ Service.  Drivers can be booked to pick up from the local chemist or shops provided any goods are paid for in advance.  Driver’s delivery fee is based on 45p per mile for a round trip:
Round Trips: 
Barlaston                    £1.35             Country Cabin   £1.58

Royal Stoke Hospital £6.30             Stone                  £3.60


Safe Environment, Local Drivers, Reasonable Rates